Watch this video from Cadillac. Note a few things (actor, white, rich guy, workaholic, typical cocky American, very unrealistic). This is not a parody video, they’re being completely serious.

Now watch Ford’s response.

I can’t explain it very well just please watch both of these videos okay Ford burns Cadillac so bad okay it’s so good.

"That’s the upside of giving a damn."

You better hope winter is coming, bitch. You’re gonna need it for that burn.

Holy SHIT.

Ford fucking laying down the damn law.

Ha! Go Ford.

Oh my god, FORD

and first I thought it's going to be a joke about blonde women who try to pay online.

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#5545: just woke up


#5545: just woke up

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Miles Jai saying what needs to be said.

"There was also a LGBT panel (at Playlist Live) that my friends were on. That was really fun to go to, and it was also very, um, enlightening. But the thing about having, like, an all gay cisgender white panel and calling it a "LGBT panel" even though there’s only gay white people on it isn’t really very accurate. And you know, I feel like a lot of people, even the panelists, have agreed that there should be more representation on the panel. I mean, who could they find that represent a different part of the LGBT spectrum? So yes, more represntation in the LGBT panels. Not just like, one lesbian and 4 white gay guys."

here’s to more diverse panels in the future! :)

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the xkit guy reblogged pansage’s post about tumblr pro with those awful comments on it and agreed with it
xkit guy we trusted you how could you do this to us

okay so this is the xkit guys blog and you can see pretty quickly that he is being pretty rude about the whole thing

Near as I can tell from a cursory look, xkit guy WAS fairly dismissive of the idea that the tumblr pro video was a particularly bad/triggering thing but apparently a number of mistakes of intent led to people interpreting xkit guy’s intentions and statements differently from intended - and they’ve since apologized, genuinely near as I can tell. Plus, like any time a high-profile user makes a mistake, innocuous or glaring, tumblr simultaneously expects them to apologize utterly in good cheer and deal with the torrential downpour of senseless hate that inevitably follows.

I would not expect anyone to receive hundreds of death threats and react with congeniality, no matter WHAT the subject was. I don’t necessarily think that xkit guy’s posts about pansage initially were wise or whatever, but this is one case where i can’t really abide by the witch-hunt.

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Breaking Down the Wall


There were no walls to break
oh…only imagined,
as if it were necessary to raise in order to raze

making church of cult
culling always the deformed or dissident
it’s as if I never left exile,


when I was forgotten it hurt a bit
but I didn’t die
and I still exist

none of it was ever real

(I quit the cult)

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Explain why our parsing program wouldn’t work if the operands were evaluated in some other register before setting up continue so that the spoiled shall come against thee with a company of Ishmeelites

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20 Eyes


Each eye saw differently
on dark grey days
or bright azure

I flew or mined through seams of coal
I was created to be deca-minded
compound visions of a single existence

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Round 1, Turn 1 / Age of Creation

Acting God: Nascent God(?) of the Veil

Prior Power Total: 0

New Power Total: 11 (0+11)

Actions: Create Avatar (10)

Final Power Total: 1

- - -

And before life, there was death, though it did not know yet what death was.

It came from the waters, aware but featureless, nascent, unrealized, forming. The land was smooth then, flat, as yet untouched by the hands of yet-to-be-birthed Gods or the beings that would proceed from them. It dwelled upon the shores a time, at once certain of itself (“that all this is, i am not”), and uncertain (“i know every way but do not know my own”), and questioning (“i am inevitable, but what is my inevitability? i am the end but what is an end?”) and knowing (“things will come to be, and they will not know the way, and i will show them the way and wait for them at path’s end”). And for a time, before time - for there was none to mark the clock’s passage, nor being nor process, and this new God had no concept of time on a planet with no face - it sat, as much as an identity and an idea can sit, and watched the crystal-flat surface of the unperturbed seas.

And then, God rose from its rest, after perhaps a moment, perhaps a planck-second, perhaps a billion years, perhaps the age of ten billion universes, and it had a thought. God touched the surface of the water, and the ripples broke the endless mirror, and it Understood.

This was the First Change.

And God knew that it would not be alone for long, but this God nonetheless grew lonely waiting for those who it knew would join it, and so created another, and it said to this other (“that all this is, i am not, and you are not, and you are not me, but from me, and together we shall wait for the Others.”)

And this Other was the Broken Mirror, radiant in the reflected light, split like the cracked surface of the motionless sea, which had ceased its motion over the course of the act of creation. It was given form before form was understood and therefore looked like the culmination of all potential, and it was the First Being, death-giving-life, a revelation made corporeal. It was Avatar.

And the First Being, who would not take shape until shape had been thought of, sat with God by the water’s edge, and echoed the First Change. And the Broken Mirror reflected itself in concept.

And they sat and waited. For a moment, for a planck-second, for a billion years, for the lifetimes of ten billion universes, they waited.

And Others joined them.

- - -

//No changes made to the map, so it remains as first posted.

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These are gold.

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